The Origins of Cannaman: The Myth Behind the Mask

Once, the world was barren.

The sun and the moon, lovers separated but for a few moments at dusk and dawn, looked down on the vast emptiness and longed to see it filled with light and joy.

So the couple sent their three eldest children down from the heavens to spread soil, water and plants into the emptiness, thus creating the Earth.

And as the planet grew more beautiful, so did the love of the sun and the moon, whose children continued to share their gifts with the world below.

But over time the children of the sun and moon grew restless. Each believed that their gift to the Earth was more important than all the others. They did not understand that their parents wanted them to live in harmony, working together as equals.

So the children warred with one another, forgetting their part in the growth and beauty of the world.

And the plants, animals, oceans and people they had once nurtured fell to neglect.

But the sun and the moon didn’t forget their beloved planet, the shining jewel of their love.

As a lesson to her unrelenting children, the moon banished them from the heavens, sending each to live among the great landscapes of the Earth, in hopes that they would see the beauty and depth of their collaboration.

During Sucellus-the god of plants- travels, admiring the seas, mountains and creatures of the earth, he saw and fell in love with an Ubaid peasant. And the couple in their joy had a son who they named Cannaman.

But Sucellus’ time with Cannaman was destined to be short.

For as Sucellus and his siblings explored the world, each learned the lesson of their mother – that the beauty they had created together far outweighed the gifts that any of them possessed on their own.

And so they proclaimed peace and were allowed back into the heavens, and Cannaman was left to be raised alone by his mother.

As he grew, Cannaman lost all knowledge of his father – until the eve of his 17th birthday.

That night, in a dream, Sucellus visited Cannaman, flying him across the world to see the beauty and diversity he and his siblings had created, and pointing out all the wondrous plants he had made.

Each night following, Cannaman’s father returned, showing his son the secret purposes and qualities of each plant.

On Cannaman’s 18th birthday, Sucellus unveiled a final gift: A plant that he created specifically for his son, called cannabis.
Sucellus instructed his son to spread the seeds of this plant to every land and culture, that they might also enjoy the gift.

When Cannaman awoke, he discovered a jar of seeds next to his bed. He said goodbye to his mother and left to travel the world, introducing the cannabis plant to nations far and wide.

He befriended emperors and kings in the cultures of India, China, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas – and to each he gave seeds designed to help every culture prosper.

For millennia, Cannaman was welcomed throughout the world as a friend and provider of the nurturing cannabis plant.

But after many centuries, the people turned against the noble plant, believing that its powers were somehow evil. One by one, the great nations banned cannabis and closed their borders to Cannaman, until he sadly fled to the heavens and returned to his father.

In his absence, a dark sickness of the soul spread among the peoples of the earth, who began to value material things over the vast richness of nature.

But the sickness didn’t devour all. Some came to realize that the world needed cannabis, and so they began to fight to bring Cannaman back to Earth.

It was during this time that Brian Stroh, one of Cannaman’s staunchest supporters, traveled deep into the Washington woods in search of solitude and a place to meditate on Cannaman’s fate.

As he slept beneath a spreading fir tree, Cannaman visited Brian, calling on him to return the beloved cannabis plant to the Evergreen state of Washington.

When Brian awoke, he believed the visit to be merely a dream. But beside him he found a gift – much like the one that Sucellus had once given to Cannaman – a jar of cannabis seeds and a large joint.

Brian smoked the joint and saw a vision of cannabis’ return to the world, and all the joy it would bring.

He brought the seeds back to Vancouver, where he planted and nurtured them with love and kindness.

Brain named his garden Cannaman Farms, in honor of the gift he had received.

To this day, Cannaman Farms remains dedicated to returning the cannabis plant to its rightful place among the people and cultures of the world, and to honoring its father, Cannaman.


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